What is Kryptual?

Kryptual is an automated wizard for blockchain based ICO-creation platform connecting business owners with investors. Kryptual helps them in raising funds to grow their businesses and focus on their trade strength.

Who founded Kryptual?

Kryptual is created with love for blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contracts, marketing giants like Clayton Elwarth Jackson, David Brown are Executive Directors on board. Kryptual.com is fully owned by Kryptual Consulting LTD.

How does Kryptual platform works?

Kryptual uses an automatic Solidity creation system developed by open-source blockchain community. Kryptual brings accessibility to those who lack fund-raising infrastructure.

Which currencies can be used for investment?

For ease of use, the platform is integrated with Paypal. Investments can be made in any fiat currency, allowing anyone in the world to participate. The platform supports Ethereum crypto-currency. We will be adding up other crypto-currencies soon.

How secure is the Kryptual platform?

Kryptual leverages the power of Blockchain Technology. It is decentralized, making it un-hackable and additionally, all the records are immutable. Built with highest security standards, Kryptual is one of the most reliable and secure platforms.

Are you facing transaction issues?
Drop an email or contact us at our helpline.
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For Launching ICO

How do I launch an ICO with Kryptual?

Even my granny can start her own ICO using Kryptual effortlessly. Sign up as CORPORATE with Kryptual to get started. Kryptual provides you the ability to generate, list and invest in ICO. Follow the 6 simple steps mentioned in Help page of your dashboard to start your ICO. No coding required.

What other services do you provide for my ICO?

Kryptual provides numerous services to enhance your ICO. You can opt-in or opt-out of the services, such as PR and Marketing Consultation, Content Consultation while generating your ICO. For custom requirements, contact our consulting division at sales@kryptual.consulting

For Investing

How do I invest in an ICO with Kryptual?

Kryptual makes investing in ICOs simple and reliable. Sign up as an INVESTOR with Kryptual to get started. Users can view the ongoing ICOs on the home page as well as their dashboard. Choose the amount you wish to invest and TA-DA.

How and when do I get my purchased ICO tokens?

As soon as an ICO lockdown period is completed, the tokens are transferred to the investor's wallet. In case, the required fund is not raised by the ICO by the end of the lockdown period, the original amount is transferred to the investor's wallet.

Is it possible to invest in more than one ICO?

Yes. Kryptual allows you to invest in more than one ICO simultaneously. In fact, we will be adding a multi-token portfolio and risk management platform soon.

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